Ciao! Guten Tag! Dag! Ajoy!

I’ve finally found a pocket of Free WiFi fast enough to visit my beloved blog! This won’t be a long or particularly exciting post but I’m just here to prove to the Internet that I’m still on planet Earth.
Tomorrow is the end of Europe Tour. I’ve had the most amazingly unforgettable 2 weeks.
Six countries in two weeks… It’s been phenomenal.
When I get back to my laptop I’ll recount all my favorite tales to you.
One big issue in my life at the moment is the fact that my clumsiness is getting out of control. I made a woman’s day in Lake Como when I walk smack-bang into a pot plant. Her inability to hide her snickering was terribly rude.
Also, in a Sephora shop in Prague, this young, non-English speaking woman handed me one of those paper sticks with perfume on them. At first I declined because, well, this stick is kind of useless to me but she insisted and eventually I took it. I sniffed the stick and, after smelling nothing whatsoever, I nodded and hummed appreciatively, saying, “That’s really nice.”
What else could I say? Nice is a safe adjective.
I will never forget the look she gave me. Gently, she took the stick from me and said, “It’s on other side.”
Meaning I’d smelt the wrong side of the stick and pretended to smell their new perfume.
It was heartbreakingly embarrassing. I’m blushing just thinking about it. This one-less-sense thing needs to be sorted out.
Alright, I don’t have time to read over and edit so I apologize for any mistakes and autocorrect errors… I’m on my iPod.
I’ll also add a quote later on.
But now I’m in Amsterdam and I’m spending the day exploring the works of Van Gogh, Anne Frank’s house and some other museum of which I forget the name.
Think of me and be jealous!
Just joking.
Actually, you seriously wish you were here.


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