The 11th Useless Anecdote

Ok. I’ve been wandering through the grand abyss that is The Internet for a near 47 minutes now. I have no aim in mind. No purpose. I’m not searching for some profound article on how to correctly clip one’s toenails that will add to my enormous bounty of useless information. No. There’s none of that. I’m procrastinating. Now, you (the completely ignorant blog reader) probably think I’m putting off doing some sort of studying since it is exam time, but my reasons for procrastinating are nothing close to that fabulous.

I’m delaying drying my hair.

Yes, you may all begin applauding, scolding or lecturing me (or better yet, picking up a hair dryer and coming over; I’m not busy but you sure will be once you arrive).

It was inevitable, this post. I mean, I should have predicted that researching Hollywood has-beens would eventually lose its flair, but I didn’t and somehow I ended up here, at my own beloved website. After seeing that I’d received three views today (none of which were South Americans, by the way), I thought, “Let me reward them with yet another useless anecdote of my life.”

So here I am.

And there my hair dryer is 60 centimetres away.

You can’t see me, but I’m visualizing myself desperately reaching for it. And since you can’t see me, just pretend I’m actually making an effort to make any progress this evening. It’ll make us both feel better.

You know how people (parents and grandparents, usually) say that no matter how long you wait to do something, it’ll never do itself and eventually you’ll have to do it yourself ? (In shorter terms: Procrastination is pointless- much like the blunt pencil I’m too lazy to sharpen. Yeah… I know that was a cheap shot but, hey, I’m not in the most industrious mood right now.)

The thing is, the thing I’m currently delaying doing will eventually do itself. Thanks to a little phenomenon called Evaporation, my hair will dry without the use of a dryer! Of course I’ll catch a fatal case of pneumonia in the meantime but at least my hair will have dried without me having to lift a finger.


“One good anecdote is worth a volume of biography.” – William Ellery Channing


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