A Day of Weird-ism

Ah-HA! Just as I predicted!

I suck. Full-out clogged-up-the-drain-pipe-and-am-currently-plunging-the-plug-hole suck at keeping up with these sorts of things. But it’s not like I don’t try every now and again.

One of the problems is that there is no time. And when I say “no time”, I’m not kidding. I’ve resorted to finishing Science homework while brushing my teeth and pulling my stockings on at the same time, because that’s how hectic life has become. The other day I managed to put my school tie on backwards; an accomplishment I am yet to discover how it was possibly accomplished. Let’s be honest, how does one put a tie on the wrong way round?

Another problem is that I don’t really know where to start with these “blog” things. I mean, I have plenty of places to start– because that’s how interesting my life is– I just don’t know which place to start. If that even makes any morsel of sense.

Most stories come from my Geography lessons. But I’ll save those for another day, because today some weird things happened to me, and the only way I can see myself getting over them is to share them with you:

It started off quite well: I guessed the answer to a question on my Science worksheet (the one I did while brushing my teeth and putting on stockings) and as it so happened, it was the right one! Then my day ruthlessly deteriorated into a swirling pit of weird-day-ism.

While sorting out my various files for the day, I left my main file– the one with all my work inside– on my bookshelf at home. In previous times, this has always proved to be problematic. I had a mental breakdown when I opened my bag only to not find my beloved flowery file. Though I am eternally grateful that no work was due today. I would have been screwed.

There’s also a rat in our garage, which doesn’t have any real relevance since it didn’t affect my day, but my dog has gone completely bonkers and is currently eating through bags of cement powder to find the little intruder.

So anyway on the way to school, there was a guy from America on the radio talking about an incident somewhere in Texas: a drunk man rode his unicycle butt-naked down the highway. After hearing this, the other guy on the radio said, “And he kept falling off his unicycle? I can identify with that.” Which, for some reason, made me laugh.

Come to think of it, the rest of the day was pretty normal (except for all my notes being left at home) and the weirdness only started up again when I kicked a brick. And I did it consciously, too. Well, sort of, I don’t know. But, for future reference:

Note to self: Kicking bricks is not a good idea. Ignore the temptation. It’s not worth it.

My friend, Amita, found it particularly funny and proceeded to laugh silently (and by that I mean she suddenly stopped to wildly slap her knee, while no sound whatsoever exited her mouth. It was so bad that a passerby stopped to watch and almost walked over to make sure she was breathing.)

Later on, I was outsmarted by a plastic twist-lid bottle of water. It. Would. Not. Close. Even when I’d bought it I had trouble opening it. Obviously it was a dud. Amita found that funny too. She burst into hysterics after watching me slip off the grandstands (we were sitting on the grandstands watching our sisters play hockey) and do a dysfunctional clown dance to regain my balance. It may have looked funny but my aim at the time was to not dive face-first into the railing, which I didn’t so the dance was successful.


“There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on…” — Robert Byrne


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