Seagulls and Pick-Up Lines

I have uncovered the mystery that is the Finding Nemo seagull. Or should I say that was the mystery.

(Oh my word! – completely unrelated but!- Mystery without “T[ea]” is mysery. Yeah… I can so see an English detective saying that.)

Ever since I saw the Pixar film, I’ve wondered how they got the seagulls to sound like they do. After watching a disturbing scene from the movie Face/Off (with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage) I started waving my hands around wildly screaming, “No! No! No!” repeatedly. It was during this scenario that I noticed I sounded just like one of those birds yelling, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” while getting their heads stuck in yacht sails.

I’m probably not making any sense so I’m just going to throw you the punch line:

I have a cold. I’ve almost lost my voice. Pixar got someone with a cold who was also losing their voice to yell “Mine!” repeatedly. I think the sea birds sounded cool. The end.

I now have to go to a party and talk to people in my condition. Do you think I could use, “Do seagulls turn you on? Because you’re Mine! Mine! Mine!” as a pick up line?


While searching Google for some acclaimed “Best Pick-Up Lines”, I found this one:

“I think you set my underpants on fire. I’m pretty sure this means we should get dinner.”

I’d date him, wouldn’t you?

(Oh, and if you like that one, here’s the website I got it from for some more lines I think deserve to go noticed: